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Companies throughout the industrial sector are rethinking their way of reaching new customers. 

Previously, many marketing activities were centred around fairs, exhibitions, and events but the COVID-19 pandemic encouraged more industrial companies to move their activities (and budget) to digital channels instead.

With a test period of almost two years with a strong focus on digital marketing, our industrial clients have experienced that the digital activities can contribute with a high reach within the desired target audience, targeted messaging to different stakeholders within potential companies across the customer journey, and high quality leads. 

Despite countries across the world opening up, it is our prediction that more industrial companies will increase and expand their digital marketing activities due to the many opportunities and benefits that the digital channels offer.

Our approach


  • We are experts and have many years of experience with B2B advertising across the individual digital channels. Therefore, we know all best practices and are always front runner on the newest trends across channels.
  • We have built up a great deal of knowledge within the industrial sector by working closely with our clients. We follow industry trends and we know the current challenges that industrial companies face.
  • Our digital marketing strategy is always built upon reaching the client’s current situation and end goals.
  • We have a data-driven approach which gives us great insights and reasoning behind our strategy and tactics. We make a virtue of testing to make sure that we always challenge ourselves and our current methods and results.
  • Despite the fact that our expertise lies within marketing, we always want to establish a close collaboration with sales. Our purpose is not just to generate leads at the lowest cost, but to bring quality leads to sales that represent real business value.

Industrial clients


Louise Philipsen


“I am working with Obsidian’s biggest B2B companies (DFDS, EPOS, Ametek Mocon among others) and specialise in companies working within manufacturing, heavy equipment, and logistics on a national and global scale.

With a strong background in hands-on execution of digital campaigns across platforms, my approach to digital marketing is data-driven and test-heavy to make sure my clients are always using the most effective tactics across platforms to ensure high performance. 

As a Client Manager and Industry Expert at Obsidian Digital, my main focus is to plan and execute a digital marketing strategy for my clients based on their goals, current opportunities and challenges to deliver real business results.

You are always welcome to contact me for a talk about your opportunities within digital marketing.”

+ 45 20845495