Administrative Assistant

Af Jelena Jacimovic
Kategori: Job

///Deadline: As soon as possible///
///Location: Banja Luka///


Are you looking to take the next step in your career and work for an international company where the sky is the limit? We are looking for you, if you have a keen eye for all the little details and if you know how to structure not just your own day and tasks but also that of others.

At Obsidian we work with digital marketing, but this role is much more about all that goes on behind the scenes to make everyone able to do their best every day. Tasks will be many and very varied. One day you might be handling receipts, the next you will be booking rooms for meetings or coordinating accommodation for the consultants, and the next day again you will be scheduling interviews.

Safe to say, you need to be an all-rounder.

What do we expect of you?

This probably won’t come as a surprise; we expect you to be structured. The most important thing in any hire we make is for you to want to excel within your area. We want someone who understands the importance of all the little things that go on internally in a company for everyone to perform their best every day.

We want an administrative wizard with an eye for detail!

To us, it is not important what your background is or where you have worked before. What is important is your mindset and what you believe you can bring to this position.

It is important that you can follow through on tasks and that you are self-motivated since you will be working with various teams from Denmark. You will be part of our team in Banja Luka, but your direct point of contact will be long-distance.

What do you get at Obsidian?

You get the opportunity to join a team of more than 160 people. 30+ working from Banja Luka, who you will see and learn from every day; the rest working from different locations in Denmark. You will be able to develop your skills within the administration.

You will be able to put your own take on the job because we always welcome creativity and new ideas. It is important to think smart and you get the opportunity to do so every day. You will be working with a wide variety of people, mostly in Denmark but also from various other countries. All something that will contribute to your continuous learning and growth.
It is important to us that you are passionate about administration and in turn, you get to work with the following tasks – to mention a few:

  • Follow-up on receipts and purchasing
  • Booking/coordinating employee events
  • Booking meetings and accommodation
  • Communicating with applicants / coordinating interviews
  • Sending invites and updates to participants in meetings and academies
  • And much much more…

As you can see it is a position that spans many different tasks, which requires you to be able to keep a calm head. We will provide you with a solid onboarding and you will always be able to learn from your colleagues both in Banja Luka and Denmark.

Now it is your turn!

If you believe you are the perfect candidate for this position now is the time to take action!

Send us your application at as soon as possible and please tell us why you are the perfect fit for this position. Focus on what you bring to the table and how you wish to develop yourself and the role.

We look forward to receiving your application!



Jelena Jacimovic